Welcome to Egerton Community Primary School’s website.  We hope that our site will provide you with lots of useful information about our school as well as keeping you updated with our latest news and events.

Our village school has been at the heart of Egerton for over 40 years.   We are proud of our strong place within our community and it is a pleasure to be the Head Teacher of this popular and busy school.

The staff at Egerton are talented, creative and caring individuals who never stop learning themselves!  The philosophy of how children learn is consistently at the forefront of their minds and as such, an individualised and tailored approach to learning is consistently evident in pupils’ experiences and progress.  We strongly believe in children learning and embedding skills across the curriculum while ensuring that regular WOW moments in learning are inspiring and give our children the love of learning that helps them to achieve.

Our outstanding governing board ensures that leaders don’t leave any stone unturned in getting the very best outcomes for those in our care and both governors and staff treat their responsibility to children’s well-being and learning with the highest respect.

At Egerton, we believe in giving our children the very best possible primary school years.   Our mission statement of Learn, Achieve, Aspire, ensures that we are focused on Egerton children being exceptionally well prepared for the next steps in their learning and development.  When our children move on to secondary school, we still very much believe that they are part of our community, and we have excellent links with our local feeder schools. This enables our children to not only be prepared for what comes next, but also provides us with opportunities to celebrate their achievements beyond their primary years.

The one thing that stands out for us at Egerton and our most unique feature is our amazing children.   They are well mannered, resilient, hard-working, caring, responsible and aspirational individuals. We have a big responsibility to give them the very best start in their education but we also have the most wonderful time helping them to learn, play, understand each other and follow their dreams.

We hope you enjoy finding out more about our school and please contact us if you would like to know more about Egerton.


Miss S L Mitchell

Head Teacher