Our School Council is a group of pupils representing each class from Year One to Year Six. One boy and one girl from each class are voted onto the council each academic year by their peers.

This year School Council have looked at the following initiatives

The ‘Going For Gold’ reward system

  1. How many Gold Cards should be needed for each badge
  2. To ensure the awarding of gold cards is fair across school and to consider the ways in which gold cards can be earned.
  3. Select the 2019 Beyond Gold badge, and select the badges for 2019-20 Going for Gold


  1. what equipment is needed for playtimes for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

School Meals

  1. Provide information to our kitchen on the school meals, and our favourite foods to help create the menu


It is the responsibility of the School Council members in each class to provide feedback to their classes, and to gather feedback from their peers to bring to the following School Council meeting. We meet every week with Mrs Hayes, and at the end of the year, we discuss the work we have done with our School Governors.