Welcome to Egerton CP School!
My name is Heather Aspbury and I am  Chair of Governors at Egerton CP school.
The Governing Body is a group of volunteers representing all school’s key stakeholders. The different types of Governors are parents, staff, local authority and community. Each type of Governor is selected or elected by the group they represent. The Governing body works together as a group in a strategic role to oversee the direction and leadership of the School for which the Governing body is legally accountable. We are all different and offer our varying skills and knowledge to the team.
The Head teacher and her Senior Leadership team manage the school on a day to day basis and the governors meet altogether termly and in small working groups as necessary to look at specific projects, developments and to monitor the work of the school.
We support and challenge the staff to make sure that all the children are learning well, that everyone is safe in school and that all the legal requirements are adhered to correctly.
We celebrate all the achievements of pupils and staff and do our best to make sure that Egerton School continues to Nurture Lifelong Learners.
If you would like any further information about our role or activities please do not hesitate to contact me through the school office.