Miss Rogers
Miss D Rogers

Meet the Senco

Welcome to our SEND website page.  I am Miss Rogers, and I am the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDco) at Egerton Community Primary School.

When children secure a place at our school, we firmly believe that they belong at Egerton, and in belonging here, every child is given the opportunity to succeed.

My role is to champion the equality and diversity of all our learners in school. Within this, I develop and oversee the implementation of the school’s SEND strategy and policy, carry out assessments of pupils with SEND to identify needs, and monitor the progress of children with additional needs. I work closely with class teachers and other professionals, such Ladywood Outreach and Aspire Behaviour Support, to implement the best package of  support for children with additional needs, so that all children experience an ambitious curriculum in a fully inclusive mainstream setting.

At Egerton, we follow The Graduated Approach. The Graduated Approach begins with inclusive high-quality teaching for all children, including those with SEND. We believe that if the learning process and environment is right for children with SEND, it is right for every child.  Therefore, we have ensured that all our classroom environments are fully inclusive.

An inclusive classroom:

  • removes barriers to learning and participation
  • provides an education that is appropriate to pupils’ needs
  • promotes high standards and the fulfilment of potential for all pupils.

Pupils who continue to face challenges in their learning, despite receiving high-quality teaching, are likely to need additional strategies, or modified provision, to meet their needs.

The Graduated Approach will then move into the ‘assess, plan, do, review’ cycle which regularly allows myself and class teachers to monitor progress and ensure the children’s needs are being met in the classroom.

I meet and communicate with parents regularly to ensure a proactive response to any concerns raised by themselves. Regular communication with parents also includes providing positive feedback and discussions around their children’s progress and the provisions put into place to ensure the children are accessing their learning. Our approach allows the class teacher and I to build an ongoing, holistic understanding of our pupils, their needs and how best we can support them in school.

We also understand that pupils’ development is not linear. We know that as pupils mature, the complexity of their needs will change. Some pupils might not display SEND needs at the start of their primary journey, but may develop SEND needs as they progress. Other children who are considered to have SEND in their early years may no longer have these needs later in life. At Egerton, we understand the importance of liaising with parents and specialist professionals to ensure that we support the child, their family and their needs throughout their primary school journey, so that every child learns, achieves, and aspires to a bright future.

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We will always support children with Special Educational needs. Information on how we do this is available by clicking the link below. The Bolton Council link below will provide additional information you may find useful.