Early Years Foundation Stage

At the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage, children are assessed as making a Good Level of Development if they have met age related expectations in all of the seven areas of learning.  The below chart compares the attainment of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage at Egerton against the rest of the Local Authority.

% of children attaining a Good Level of Development
2016 2017 2018
Egerton CP School 97% 90% 90%
Bolton LA 65% 66% 68%

The following table breaks down the seven areas of learning. It shows percentages of children at the end of the Reception Year in 2018 at Egerton CP School who are emerging, expected and exceeding age related expectations in each area and compares them with the Local Authority data.





Area of Learning Physical, Social, Emotional Development 90% 81%
Physical Development 93% 84%
Communication and Language 93% 78%
Literacy 90% 69%
Mathematics 93% 73%
Understanding of the World 93% 77%
Expressive Arts and Design 93% 82%

Year One Phonics

At the end of Year One, children take part in a screening check that assesses their phonics knowledge against the national expectation.  The following chart demonstrates the percentage of pupils at Egerton CP School meeting the national expectation in phonics compared with pupils locally and nationally.

% of pupils achieving expected standard at Egerton % of pupils achieving expected standard in Bolton % of pupils achieving expected standard Nationally
2018 90% 82% 83%
2017 94% 81% 81%
2016 97% 80% 81%

End of Key Stage One 2018

Pupil’s achieved exceptionally well at the end of Key Stage One in all areas.   Pupil’s attainment was well above local and national averages in all areas with 87% of children achieving ARE combined and 37% achieving Greater Depth Combined.

  Key Stage One – Age Related Expectations
Reading Writing Maths Combined
Egerton CP School 87% 87% 87% 87%
Bolton LA 73% 68% 74% 65%
National 75% 70% 76% 65%
  Key Stage One – Greater Depth Standard
Reading Writing Maths Combined
Egerton CP School 50% 40% 53% 37%
Bolton LA 23% 16% 21% 11%
National 26% 16% 22% 12%

End of Key Stage Two 2018

At the end of the academic year 2017-18, Egerton CP School saw an increase in standards at the end pf KS2 for both attainment and progress. Year on Year there is an upward trend against national attainment

  Key Stage Two – Age Related Expectations
Egerton Bolton National
Reading 94% 73% 75%
Writing 90% 79% 79%
GAPS 87% 78% 78%
Maths 81% 76% 76%
RWM Comb 77% 64% 64%
  Key Stage Two – Greater Depth Standard
Reading Writing Maths Combined
Egerton CP School 26% 23% 39% 16%
Bolton LA 24% 20% 24% 10%
National 28% 20% 24% 10%

In all attainment areas, Egerton was high compared with national and local results. The only exception is the higher standard in reading, which is slightly below the national figure.

Average Scaled Scores at KS2

The scaled score for children reaching age related in the KS2 tests is 100.   The Scaled score for children reaching the higher standard is 110.   The below charts show the average scores for children at Egerton in 2018 compared locally and nationally.  On average, the children at Egerton performed better on the KS2 tests than children locally and nationally.

Reading Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Maths
Egerton CP School 107.3 109.5 106.6
Bolton LA 104.5 106.5 104.5
National 105.1 106.2 104.4

The school remained well above the floor in progress and demonstrates average progress in all areas. However, in writing progress was below the national average by 0.2. This is despite high achievement at ARE in writing.

Reading Writing Maths
Progress 0.4 -0.2 0.6
Confidence 0.3 0.9 0.9

The school development plan priorities robustly focus on raising attainment and progress in Reading, Writing and Maths combined with a clear direction for improvement. Analysis of school performance shows that Greater Depth in English and Fluency in Maths at ARE are the main target points for improvement.